KN Paradise Cam Ranh

KN Paradise Cam Ranh

Bai Dai, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa
KN Cam Ranh Co., Ltd
794.45 hectares
Adjacent houses, resort villas, luxury apartments, golf courses, commercial and service centers
49 million/m2
On sale
Location: Bai Dai, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa
Investor: KN Cam Ranh Co., Ltd
Total land area: 794.45 ha
Building density: Updating
Type of development: Semi-detached houses, resort villas, luxury apartments, golf course, commercial and service center
Price only from (m2): 49 million/m2
Open for sale status: Open for sale


KN Pardise project located in Cam Nghia ward, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province, adjacent to Cam Ranh International Airport in Bai Dai area of Cam Ranh peninsula. KN Paradise Cam Ranh owns a location that is both isolated enough for residents and visitors to fully enjoy their exclusive experiences, while convenient and fast moving, accessing public utilities and the surrounding area.

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Location of project KN Paradise Cam Ranh Khanh Hoa

KN Paradise Cam Ranh project Owning 5km of Bai Dai beach - voted as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, characterized by fine white sand and clear turquoise sea with beautiful unspoiled natural landscape. The products and services of entertainment tourism - relaxation at KN Paradise are diverse, modern and comfortable

Along the main coastal road of the KN Paradise project, clusters of 4- to 6-star restaurant, hotel and resort complexes are focused on investment and development, ensuring impressive resting spaces. , comfortable and peaceful with isolated beach area.

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In particular, the KN Paradise Cam Ranh project is located near Cam Ranh international airport, so it only takes 5 minutes to get to the airport and 25 minutes to Nha Trang city. Connect all utilities and scenic spots in Nha Trang.

Bai Dai, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa are named the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and are planned to develop strongly in 4-5 star resorts - this will be the most ideal destination in Vietnam. Nam is in the central location of Vietnam and possesses beautiful beach weather as well as synchronous infrastructure, will develop and has great potential in real estate investment.


KN Paradise Cam Ranh is an "all-in-one" complex that is likened to a great resort paradise in Khanh Hoa. KN Paradise owns a chain of world-class utilities and services. In particular, prominent with marinas, health treatment centers or theme park clusters, commercial and entertainment complexes, international services ... are products that make a difference with the rest. rest of the market.

Coming to KN Paradise, visitors will enjoy a peaceful living and relaxing space at a luxurious 5-star resort, a high-class resort village or can participate in energetic and lively entertainment activities with diverse experiences at water parks, amusement parks, central squares; participate in sports activities at KN Golf Links golf course, sea sports games and visit and shop at commercial centers, shopping-food pedestrian street. All utility works and technical infrastructure at KN Paradise are invested with high quality, synchronous and convenient standards.

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At KN Paradise, the investor wishes to improve the quality of life for the resident community by investing in the construction of diverse and comfortable facilities with international quality. Residents of KN Paradise both inherit all the amenities of the resort and enjoy a rich system of facilities invested exclusively for the community: international standard hospitals, specialized clinics, centers nursing centers, nursing homes, multi-purpose sports centers, community living areas. children's play area, school system from kindergarten to high school, international boarding school, tourism vocational school, ....

The community utility system in KN paradise provides a complete and peaceful life, creating an ideal living environment for all generations in the family.

Utilities system of KN Paradise Cam Ranh project

  • Total area for trees, utilities, landscape: 247.6 ha
  • Bai Dai Beach: 4.7 km located in the project
  • KN Beach Club (Beach Club): 6 hectares including utilities:
  • Phase 1 – Completed: Central swimming pool, children's pool, family pool, outdoor bar, cabana, event square, landscaped tree system
  • Phase 2 – Complete implementation: Restaurant, children's play area, Spa, bar system, BBQ garden...
  • Water park: 6.7 hectares
  • Theme Park: 11.11 hectares
  • SPA & Health Care Center : 2.88 ha including 02 areas with areas: 1.42 ha + 1.46 ha
  • Outlet Village (cultural village): 6.4 ha
  • Culture and art square: 10ha including international facilities such as: Art exhibition area, children's play area, pedestrian overpass, overhead light, water music, multi-national festival square, chain of souvenir shops, multinational cuisine restaurants…
  • Cat Tuong Park: 0.75 ha – Completed: central Buddha statue, meditation garden, relaxing meditation hut
  • Commercial – Hotel – Indoor Entertainment Complex: 16.2 ha
  • 27-hole golf course – KN Golf Links: 90 hectares – Completed, including:
  • 27 Hole Golf Course: The Links (18 holes) – The Oasis (9 holes) – designed by Golf Legend: Great White Shark – Greg Norman
  • Training ground 9 greens and putting green 280 yards
  • Clubhouse
  • Marina
  • School system, education: 17.82 ha
  • International hospital system: 3.3 hectares
  • System of multi-purpose fitness and sports areas: 16.52 ha.
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KN Paradise Cam Ranh is planned into 5 main functional groups: Entertainment - Resort, Trade - Service, Real Estate, Golf Course and Community Utilities. KN Paradise plans diverse product lines, many different types to suit all needs of investors. Accordingly, 4-5 star apartments & resorts along the coast; followed by a chain of high-class villas with a luxurious golf course; Adjacent products are townhouses & commercial townhouses; and a cluster of 6 star standard hotels & resorts.

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KN Paradise Cam Ranh project site

With a coastal location, located between Cam Ranh airport and Naval Region 4, almost 100% townhouses and resort villas all have sea views, full of sunshine and wind. Sure KN Paradise will become a prosperous urban area in the near future.


KN Paradise Cam Ranh Converging all types of outstanding real estate products from Beach Villas, Golf Villas, Resort Townhouses, Commercial Townhouses, to High-class Apartments. In particular, the villa model is designed in many different styles such as golf villas, beach villas, Japanese villa villages, etc. to bring up the living space worthy of the upper class.

In commercial townhouses, the functional factor is focused on development, towards convenience and trade convenience. At KN Paradise, the apartment complexes not only meet modern amenities, but homeowners will be satisfied with impressive views such as directly facing the golf course and capturing the entire space of the royal garden.

KN Paradise deserves to be a place to live and work, where sustainable living values are built, where investment value and sustainable profitability are resonated.


Para Sol Cam Ranh Subdivision – Asia pioneers the future with the first cultural resort urban real estate model in Vietnam, which will become the pride & pride of the glorious Asian generation owners.

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Perspective of Para Sol subdivision of KN Paradise Cam Ramh . project

Para Sol is the place to keep the quintessence of the legendary oriental lands mixed with the modern and creative features of the future, creating a destination of trade, culture, entertainment, a New pride for KN Paradise. The Para Sol subdivision is currently open for sale in Nikko Park with 2 types of mini complex and unique Japanese-style villas.

  • Total area: 100.68 hectares
  • Design style: Tropical, Fusion
  • Expected operation: 2023 – 2024.


para draco cam ranh

Perspective of Para Draco subdivision KN Paradise Cam Ramh . project

Para Draco subdivision information

  • Type: Golf Villa
  • Including sea trial: 92 apartments
  • Total area: 7.93 hectares
  • Area of Sea Villa: 350 – 550 m2
  • Number of floors: 2 floors
  • Width of facade: 14 – 22m
  • Standard handover: Full standard furniture 5 *
  • Ownership form: permanent red book for each cell.
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